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by Zervas & Pepper

Published 2015, Duration 3:58

Zervas & Pepper

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Zervas & Pepper are folk-rock duo whose luminous harmonic, laid-back sound is currently making waves on UK, USA & Ireland Radio stations BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music & RTE as well as a growing presence on the UK wide Live circuit. Discovering one another while performing in their home town clubs in Cardiff as solo artists. Finding they had a shared love of Harmony Heavy Evocative Folk Rock, Zervas & Pepper began writing and recording together. Along with their band they promise elegantly crafted songs that transport their audience with escapist narrative and soaring melodies. Under their own label 'Zerodeo' Records the band released 2 introductory EPs in 2008/9 respectively and in Spring 2011 put out their debut Album 'Somewhere in the City'. Followed by critically acclaimed 2013 album 'Lifebringer'. 2015 see's new release 'Abstract Heart' winning fans with MOJO awarding the album 4 stars and David Crosby reaching out to give his approval.. 'I think you guys are excellent' Zervas & Pepper strive out in 2015 with a bold album and ambitions to take their music beyond the boarded of the UK with their first step into US and European radio. As word continues to spread with a string of live dates ahead and an ever growing live set up Zervas & Pepper continue to bring strong live performance to the fore appearing at festivals and theaters as a two or six piece outfit.

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