Boom Time

by True Ingredients

Published 2015, Duration 3:24

Shot on location at the Nubian pyramids Sudan, this lyrically conscious, fun and dynamic track from London based music collective True Ingredients has to be a body mover for sure! The track and music video take listeners into the multi cultural world of True Ingredients through the voice of Mr Milk, a London born lyricist of Sudanese origin. He shares his perspective of injustice in Africa as a whole and Sudan in particular before addressing the global struggle for prosperity by everyday people. He’s backed by anthemic production and chorus chants that transform the heavy subject matter into a frothy, joyous and energetic celebration of positive intent and an optimistic outlook. Visually, this is all brought to life in a music video that sees Mr. Milk exploring everyday life in Sub-Saharan Africa, the ancient Nubian Pyramids and Sudanese market places.