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by The Rain

Published 2004, Duration 3:28

The Rain

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The Rain were the Manchester band that eventually evolved into Oasis. The band formed in Manchester, England in 1991, taking their name from The Beatles' B-side, "Rain". Founding members were Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs (guitar), Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan (bass), Chris Hutton (vocals). Drummer Tony McCarroll joined shortly after the band formed to replace their drum machine and Hutton was replaced as vocalist by Liam Gallagher, who became the band's songwriter, in partnership with Arthurs. In this partnership, they wrote several songs including "Take Me" and "Life in Vain". The band rehearsed only one day a week and did not perform at shows often. Shortly after Liam joined, the band was renamed Oasis, at his suggestion. Various explanations of the origins of the name have been offered, however, it came about when Liam’s older brother, Noel Gallagher, roadied for the Inspiral Carpets at a venue in Swindon called the Oasis Leisure Centre. Liam reportedly liked the name's "resonance of imagery." One day in August 1991, Noel, having recently returned from the Inspiral Carpets' tour of the U.S., went to watch his brother's band perform at the Manchester Boardwalk, supporting a band called Sweet Jesus. Noel offered to join, reportedly on condition that he would be the lead guitarist and they would perform only his songs. Noel made an instant impact on the band, he began to introduce new sounds and ways of creating music. After a few small warm up gigs in towns such as Middlesbrough, the band decided to produce Definitely Maybe, under the name of Oasis. According to the biography Don't Look Back In Anger: Growing Up With Oasis, written by former singer Chris Hutton, Liam was moved into the band virtually without his knowledge, and while the band were still a full unit; principally to lure in Noel. The book portrays an image of The Rain as having an influence on the early sound of Oasis. The band did not purely play covers, having several locally popular original songs, such as "Rooftop Rave" (aka "We're Having a Rave on the Roof"—purportedly about the Manchester Strangeways riots), and having somewhat more of a future than what is suggested by the other members' descriptions. This is partially evidenced by the fact that after less than a year together, the band were headlining popular Manchester venue The Boardwalk. Their sound was allegedly close to that of Joy Division and other contemporary Mancunian bands. The name is also alleged to have been taken not from a Beatles B-side, but rather suggested by Hutton one afternoon whilst observing Manchester's characteristic drizzle.

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