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The Boy With The Bad Mouth (live bei tape.tv)

by The Kabeedies

Published 2012, Duration 2:43

The Kabeedies

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The Kabeedies are an Indie, Afrobeat/Rock 'n' Roll band from Norwich/Woodbridge, England. The band is composed of Evan Jones (Guitar/Vocals), Roary Hill (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Francis "Fab" Bell (Drums). Their song 'Come On', originally a B-side to debut single 'Lovers Ought To' on Cherryade Records, was included on the Microsoft Xbox Kinect adverts Worldwide. Their 2nd album 'Soap' was released in late February 2012. In July 2012, vocalist Katie Allard left the band. In Summer 2013, the band were renamed 'Keep Up'.

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