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Wherever The Sun Shines

by The Fitz'

Published 2015, Duration 3:44

The Fitz'

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The Fitz' is a producer duo from Antwerp(Belgium). The two found each other in the Antwerp underground scene few years ago and started making music together ever since. Sven Van Troostenberghe is very busy in Antwerp's house scene. Making awesome productions and playing at clubs. Ludovic Nyamabo comes from a more mainstream world. Being finalist at The Voice of Flanders got him a lot of attention. Therefore he makes a living of doing gigs with multiple projects. With strong befriended musicians The Fitz' make every productions worth a lsten. They have played the opening act for Macy Gray at Het Depot in Brussels(Belgium). This was their first performance! The Musicians behind the project are Melanie De Saedeleer(Backing Vocals) Julien Blumberg(Guitar), Sam Joris(Trumpet), Matti Willems(Tenor Sax), Nuri Bedja(Alt Sax), Pedro Pozos(Voilin), Wouter Van Sundert(Drums,Triggers), Mike Thienaert(Bass).

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