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Broken Wings

von Suits Boulevard

Veröffentlicht 2015, Dauer 3:50

Suits Boulevard

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The band, Bandet Suits Blvd was formed by Armin Kavousi (Vocal), Peter Scherfig (Guitar), Mads Albertsen (Guitar) and Mads Lindum (Drums) in December, 2013 with the vision to create music, which emotionally brought you back to a certain point in life. Summer 2014, percussionist Ashok Kumaran joined the band. January 2015, bass player Thomas Laursen joined. The name refers to a dream of living luxurious on Manhattan or striving the boulevard, where all your dreams are memories you create for yourself. Its intangible, and at the same time appeals to a specific scent or experience, you had on ’that day’, you heard SuitsBLVD. Furthermore the band name and the group refer to creating music, which will create rumble on an international level. The band members have earlier had huge experience on different levels within the music business and in different genres – but are in SuitsBLVD, they all find the synergy. In less than 12 months the band has reached more than 10.000 followers on social media, and become MTV, VH1, CMT and VEVO present. They have filmed a documentary series on the facts of being an upcoming band, played more than 4 dusin concerts and written and recorded their debut album, released in 2015.

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