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Daddy ´s Girl

by Shawny Sander

Published 2015, Duration 3:17

Shawny Sander

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Grew up in a hicktown in Brandenburg. Forest. Grassland. Nothing else. I have always been the defiant Rock girl. Singing and guitar lessons. Learned shitty opera stuff. Loved and heard gigs that everyone considered sick: Cure, Nirvana, Radiohead, Jesus & Mary Chain. Always wanted to do something in that way. So I came to Berlin, special music school- casually work as a model. Some people said, I did a good job. And then there was Heidi's casting show. So what? Good money. Saw the whole world. Mexico, Thailand, LA, New York. What's wrong? Never made a fool of myself. And did not hook up a football player. Afterwards? I was bitchy, needed to find myself. Graduated. Shootings e.g. for ELLE, kaltblut, American Apparel, Converse. Tutorials for MTV. And music, over and over, more and more. Tried cool stuff, and sometimes stuff that was rather uncool.

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