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The Quitter

by Salim Nourallah

Published 2012, Duration 3:42

Salim Nourallah

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Salim Nourallah (born 1967) is a Texas-based singer, songwriter, and producer. Born in Alton, Illinois on May 3, 1967, the eldest child of Fayez and Karen Nourallah, Nourallah was raised in El Paso, Texas, where his family moved when he was three. With his brother Faris, Salim relocated to Denton, Texas, in 1988. The formed a band together called the Moon Festival from 1990 to 1997. The Nourallah Brothers self-titled debut was released by Western Vinyl in 2000. The album was actually recorded in 1998, and during the wait the brothers separated. Faris continued with a solo career while Salim formed the pop-punk band the Happiness Factor. The Happiness Factor released two albums: Self-Improvement? (Summer Break Records) in 2001 and Avoid Danger (Paisley Pop) in 2004. In 2004 Salim started his solo career as a recording artist with Polaroid (Western Vinyl) and the EP A Way to Your Heart (Paisley Pop). He went on to release the critically acclaimedBeautiful Noise (Western Vinyl/Tapete Records) in 2005, followed by Snowing In My Heart (Tapete Records) in 2007 and Constellation in 2009. After the German indie label Tapete Records released Beautiful Noise in the spring of 2006 a headlining European tour followed. It was capped with an appearance at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival. Salim’s third album Snowing in My Heart, yielded the single “Don’t Be Afraid,” which appeared on HBO’s show The Wire and "So Down," which appeared on Smallville. Another European tour followed in the Fall of 2007 with performances not only throughout Germany but also in Paris, Vienna, and Switzerland. In May 2009 a third European tour took place to coincide the release of Constellation. In April 2012 Nourallah released his 5th solo record, Hit Parade, as well as a bonus E.P. culled from the HP recording sessions. Hamburg's Tapete Records once again released both cds in Europe and the United States. Hit Parade garnered more favorable press like "Nourallah has assembled the best album of his career..." Nourallah also formed a new band called the Travoltas, his first since he dis-banded the Happiness Factor in 2003. The Travoltas released a debut cd that was recorded in just 3 days and then undertook a two-week tour of the Midwest and East Coast with the Old 97s in October. In 2006 the Dallas Observer gave Salim Nourallah's 2nd LP, Beautiful Noise, awards for Best Song and Best Producer. Nourallah has also won the DOMA Best Producer award seven times in a row (2006-2012). In 2007 Salim produced the Old 97's successful album Blame it on Gravity; he also produced their The Grand Theatre, Volume One & Volume Two double album which garnered the band some of the best reviews of their career as well as their most successful single to date, "Every Night is Friday Night (Without You)." Other Nourallah productions of note: Rhett Miller's self-titled disc Rhett Miller (Shout Factory!); Buttercup's The Weather Here; Carter Albrecht Jesus Is Alive & Living In London; Deathray Davies the Kick & the Snare. In 2012, Salim produced Smile Smile's Marry a Stranger (Kirtland Records), Sammy Strittmatter's Here but Gone and Nicholas Altobelli's Without a Home.

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