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One Last Time

by Mainfelt

Published 2015, Duration 5:18


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Mainfelt, a band from the heart of South Tyrol was formed by Patrick Strobl, Kevin Prantl and Veit Rinner in the summer of 2011. The three were making music long before Mainfelt, but it was after beating out fierce competition to take home the “International Live Award” in 2010 that they found their true genre and Mainfelt was formed. With their honest lyrics, accompanying rhythms and exciting tunes, it was not long before the band took their music overseas. A week in New York City performing in Manhattan's local band scene and open mic aroused the band's ambitions. The following summer they arranged a two week tour, with shows in Dublin, Berlin, Bielefield, and Vienna. The tour was the beginning of concert rich years. The folk/country band adopted Willy Theil to record their first Album “Living Room” in Liechtenstein at the “Little Big Beat Recording Suite” produced by the well known producer Oliver Pinelli (Unheilig). The band was now complete lead by Patrick Strobl on guitar, Kevin on banjo, Veit on bass and Willy on percussion and harmonica. Mainfelt set sail to perform on both local and international stages.

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