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Saved By Rock'n'Roll

by Los Bastardos Finlandeses

Published 2011, Duration 3:00

Los Bastardos Finlandeses

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Los Bastardos Finlandeses is a band from Helsinki, Finland with raw attitude and the lyrics about Harleys, skulls and rock‘n’roll. Influenced by the likes of Motörhead, Thin Lizzy and a range of Southern Rock and Blues Rock bands all the way from The Allman Brothers to ZZ Top, Los Bastardos Finlandeses aka "The Boy Band from Hell" has toured with Lemmy and company as well as Aerosmith and Deep Purple. In February 2010, they did their debut UK tour covering the key cities London, Oxford, Birmingham and Liverpool. Their fourth and current album titled "Saved By Rock'n'Roll" came out on the bands's label 100% Record Company in February 2011 and debuted at #9 on Finland's Rumba Magazine's "indie record-label" charts, the chart leaving out large chain stores. "Saved By Rock'n'Roll" was also introduced on the Finnish album charts at #30.

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