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La Fórmula

by Los Autenticos Decadentes

Published 2014, Duration 2:51

Los Autenticos Decadentes

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Los Auténticos Decadentes (Spanish for "The Authentic Decadents") is an Argentine band that mix ska with Latin American rhythms. The band was formed around the year 1986 by Cucho and Nito, who invited Gastón to join them. Their first hit was Veni Raquel, which set the tone for the irreverence and ironic humor of their later lyrics. Many of their songs are classic anthems of the Argentine nightlife, such as Corazón, Loco (Tu Forma de Ser), Entregá el Marrón, La Guitarra or El Murguero. For some of their hit songs and videos, the Decandentes have engaged many Argentine icons such as former soccer referee Guillermo Nimo and the later candombe singer Alberto Castillo. As they draw from traditions such as canzonetta, murga bands and cantina songs, they are popular with many generations.

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