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by Lara Liang

Published 2013, Duration 4:45

Lara Liang

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Lara Veronin (born May 2, 1988), more frequently known as Lara Liang simplified Chinese: 梁心颐; traditional Chinese: 梁心頤; pinyin: Liáng Xīnyí;, is a Russian-Taiwanese-American musician. She moved frequently during her childhood between Taiwan and California. She graduated from Taipei American School in 2006. Liang was the lead female vocalist in the Taiwanese band Nan Quan Mama (simplified Chinese: 南拳妈妈; traditional Chinese: 南拳媽媽; pinyin: nán quán māma) from 2005 to 2010. With the band, she released three albums ("Combo No. 2", "Color Palette", "Treasure Map") and a best-of compilation album ("Difficult Kids"). The single "Rainy Day" from "Difficult Kids" topped the charts and soon became an all-time KTV favorite. Liang is known for appearing as a featured vocalist in the songs "Coral Sea", "Snake Dance", and "A Larger Cello" with Jay Chou.Capricorn. She has also appeared in Chou's music videos for "Piano Sorrow" and "Big Ben" and is a frequent guest performer in his world tours. In December 2010, Liang released her bilingual EP and first solo album titled Hello 梁心頤. In October 2012, she released her concept album, titled "自由靈魂" (Free Spirit). Over the years, Liang has progressed from penning a few select tracks on albums to taking over the majority of musical and creative direction, composing and producing as well as participating in styling and marketing aspects. Liang has appeared in lead roles for the 2006 drama series Engagement for Love (simplified Chinese: 爱情经纪约; traditional Chinese: 愛情經紀約; pinyin: àiqíng jīngjì yuē) with Alex To and Ambrose Hsu and the 2012 drama series Alice in Wonder City, starring as the assistant to violin prodigy He Ting Yu (played by Aaron Yan). She has also starred in the micro-films "The Two Faces of Love", "Secretly Occupying You", and "Scratch & Win". Liang's music is present in all of the film projects she participates in. Besides voice-acting for Disney, Liang has dabbled in hosting for television and radio, as well as contributed articles to magazines. She has stated that one of her first passions was and is writing, and she hopes to pursue this in various ways in the future. In May 2013, Liang and sister Esther Veronin founded MeimeiWawa Multimedia, a company devoted to the arts. The sisters are active in film as well as music, and have embarked on an international film project called "Taipei As We Know It (TAWKI)". "TAWKI" will be an English-based web-dramedy set in Taipei, Taiwan touching on issues of social pressure, substance abuse, and therapy while also sharing the exotic landscape and culture of the sisters' homeland, Taipei.

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