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27 Down

by I Divide feat. Rebecca Need-Menear

Published 2015, Duration 4:06

I Divide

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I Divide are a five piece Devonshire rock band consisting of Tom Kavanagh (Vocals), Henry Selley (Lead Guitar), Josh Wreford (Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals), Kristen Hughes (Bass) all from Exeter, England and Dave Mooney (Drums), who is from Torquay, England, who formed from the local music scene, after being in separate bands alongside each other. Debut EP called “What’s Worth More” released 09/10/11, was produced by Josh Melody/Zomboy What’s Worth More track listing: 1. Introduction 2. The Arrival 3. This Ship’s Going Down 4. Stranger In The Spotlight 5. Burning Out 6. Interlude 7. Déjà vu 8. Never Be Stopped 9. What’s Worth More The band was Red Bull bedroom Jam Winners 2012, a project that helps young bands get out of the bedroom and onto the big stage, where after getting through to the final eight meant they were able to perform at Download Festival, Hevy Music Festival and Slam Dunk Festival. Getting through to the final three meant they were able to make a music video free of charge, which later on became the video for the song 'Never Be Stopped'. They then went on to win the competition, where the prize was two weeks worth of recording time at Red Bull Studios in London and a month long tour supporting Welsh band Funeral For a Friend With the two weeks recording in Red Bull Studios, the band recorded four tracks which became the I Divide ‘Album Sampler’ which was produced by John Mitchell and Ben Humphries and engineered by Brendon Harding. Album Sampler track listing: 1. Follow Me 2. Runway 3. Let Go 4. Cold at the Bottom This was released as a free CD on the front cover of Rock Sound a British rock magazine.The band then gave away 100 free copies at every show on the Funeral For a Friend tour. This CD is being used as a sampler for the band’s debut album, due to be released in early 2014. The band won the ‘Best Rock Act’ award at the 2012 South West Music Awards. They are signed to transcend music for management, the Agency Group for a booking agent and are currently unsigned in terms of a record label. Notable shows: Download festival 2012 Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage Hevy Fest 2012 Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage Slam Dunk Festival 2012 Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage The band also played the Second Stage/Zippo Encore stage at Download festival 2013.

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