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Beam Me Up

by Go Back To The Zoo

Published 2012, Duration 2:41

Go Back To The Zoo

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Go Back to the Zoo, also known as GBTTZ is a Dutch indie rock band, formed in Nijmegen by the two brothers Cas (vocals) and Teun Hieltjes (guitar), and Bram Kniest (drum). After they moved to Amsterdam, they met Lars Kroon (bass guitar) waiting in a queue for a concert by The Strokes. In 2008, the group self-released their eponymous debut EP. This record was produced by Torre Florim, lead singer of another Dutch rock band, De Staat. Their single ‘Beam Me Up’ was used by Nike for a worldwide campaign and after that, Go Back to the Zoo got signed to Universal Music and in May 2009 ‘Beam Me Up’ was released as their first official single. In December 2009 they released their second single ‘Electric’ with a video which features the bandmembers as musical transformers. On Friday, the 13th of August 2010, Go Back To The Zoo released their debut album called Benny Blisto. 'Beam Me Up' was re-released in 2011, after it was used in the promotion video a new season of the TV serie Californication On April 6th, 2012, Go Back to the Zoo released their second album, Shake A Wave. The album was produced by JB Meijers and Dennis van Leeuwen. The release of the album was accompanied by a club tour through the Netherlands.

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