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von Claude Hay & The Gentle Enemies

Veröffentlicht 2015, Dauer 3:11

Claude Hay & The Gentle Enemies

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The Gentle Enemies is a 3 piece Australian rock band headed by front man Claude Hay, originally known around the world as a blues/rock solo-ist One Man Band. “The Gentle Enemies” is Hay's off shoot rock band that draws influences from Queens of the Stone Age, The Raconteurs (Jack White) and Faith No More. Roots rock artist Claude Hay is known around the world as a leading exponent of live looping – technology allowing him to create the sound of a live band whilst playing solo. Claude took the surprising next step to join forces with actual live breathing musicians, and released double A-side single ‘Borracho/Run’ in 2014 under the moniker of ‘Claude Hay and The Gentle Enemies’. Weighing in somewhere exactly between C. W. Stoneking and Queens of The Stone Age, Claude’s band tracks come from different sides of the spectrum. The song Borracho is classic Claude Hay and chugs along with fuzzy funk intensity as it relates a common tale of over-indulgence. Run is quite a different beast and would likely never have seen the light of day without a full band behind it. Run is a protest song aimed squarely at one of the most hated politicians in Australian history and Hay grinds the axe with one of the best rock and roll screams since Chris Cornell. The Gentle Enemies features Ryan Van Gennip and Jon Howell, a rhythm section team who have worked closely together in various groups including with Chase The Sun, Marshall Okell and Cass Eager, as well as having performed individually with Leonardo’s Bride, Diana Anaid, iOTA, Charlton Hill, Jimmy Little and many others.

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